For Immediate Release

The Art of Cooking

Paul Stafford, Masterchef contestant; creates dishes, cooks, paints and hosts classes for the local community.

Opening Thursday 25th July 6-8.30 pm

Exhibition open: 25th July- 1st August
The Bomb Factory, Archway, London, N19 4AJ

Paul Stafford was a successful contestant in this years Masterchef UK. A show which aims to find the best amateur chefs through a series of knock out cooking challenges. This popular show has inspired millions of tv viewers to believe they too can cook exciting and exotic dishes from scratch. Paul is not only a talented chef but is also a practising artist, previously a course director at Kingston art school. He studied painting and sculpture at the Slade and now is able to combine his art practice alongside cooking and designing intriguing food combinations and menus.

The Bomb Factory Art Foundation will host the “The Art of Cooking” from the 25th July to the 2nd August. This two-week event will explore Paul Stafford’s twin passions of painting and fine food. This show will be both a cooking extravaganza as well as a painting exhibition.

Inspired by his Masterchef journey Paul will cook and host daily food masterclasses by sourcing ingredients from local supermarkets, that would be normally thrown away according to shelf life regulations. Between 5 pm and 7:30 pm every day he will create a dish at a minimum cost, that will be offered free to the audience and passers-by, hopefully inspiring them to do the same in their kitchens. Alongside this cooking event, Paul will be painting the food he has created every day. These foody images will be painted on huge cardboard boxes that will be hung in the gallery space at The Bomb Factory. Once again Paul will be using a resource that would otherwise be thrown away.

Itinerary and subsidiary events attached below. For Press Enquiries Contact:

Paul : + 44 (0) 7557 @bomb_factory_art_foundation

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